11 Uses of Sawdust


sawdust-saw-woodHave you been using the saws you got from Gardening & Home? Then you must have a collection of sawdust lying around! I bet you didn’t know they can be saved for other purposes. Well, you’ll know now! Below are 15 ways not to waste sawdust for frugal living.

Plant Food

Mix sawdust with a nitrogen supplement or manure and feed them to your plants to keep them moist and healthy! Just don’t use walnut sawdust.

Fake Snow

Need something cheap to decorate your house for the upcoming Christmas season? Mix sawdust with white-colored paint to create artificial snow! You could even add glitter if you wish.

Spill Absorber

sawdust-sackSawdust can quickly draw in spills of paint and oil, so be sure to keep a bucket in your garage. They’ll come in handy someday.


Say goodbye to slippery paths with sawdust! Spread sawdust on roads that need traction.

Fire Starter

In a nonstick pot, melt candle wax then add sawdust. Heat the mixture up until it thickens. Next, pour the brew into an empty egg carton and let it cool. These briquettes can be used to help instigate a fire.

Weed Killer

Remember what was mentioned earlier about walnut sawdust? You can’t feed them to plants because they contain an herbicide, making them a natural weed killer.

Floor Cleaner

Annoyed with the extremely fine grime and dust in your floor? Dampen a heap of sawdust using water and utilize a push broom to scrub it around the floor of your shop, basement, or garage. Let the wet sawdust collect all the fine dirt for you.

Tool Cleanersawdust-hand

Because of the efficiency of sawdust to soak up oil, it’s a great way to clean oily tools (even hands!). Just coat the oily tools in a bucket of sawdust and brush away!

Cement Lightener

Sawdust blended into mortar can ease up the heaviness of cement. It has been used to erect cordwood walls in order to help in joining the logs for a long time. You can do likewise when casting moisture-loving planters and light vessels.


Use sawdust as animal bedding for small mammals like mice and gerbils.


Did you know that wood flour or extremely fine sawdust can be used to fill in holes and defects in wood? It’s an excellent filler when mixed with wood glue.